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Cheryle ([personal profile] blue_sweetheart) wrote2012-10-05 10:41 am
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Muse List - Updated

Chane Laforet - [personal profile] aphonic

Circle of Magic (Tamora Pierce)
Sandrilene fa Toren - [personal profile] magic_weaver

Babette (Beauty and the Beast) - [personal profile] commeuneplume
Miss Bianca (The Rescuers) - [personal profile] alittle_faith

Doctor Who
Amy Pond - [personal profile] itslikeimhappy

The Dresden Files
Justine (pre-Blood Rites) - [personal profile] justabow
Justine (post-Blood Rites) - [personal profile] nottobetouched

Kaywinnit Lee "Kaylee" Frye - [personal profile] machinese, [personal profile] gotcouplings

Nightmare Before Christmas
Sally - [personal profile] needles4lashes

Peter Pan
Wendy Darling - [personal profile] thimblekisses

Samurai Champloo
Fuu - [personal profile] sunflowerseeker

Young Justice
Artemis Crock (Season One) - [personal profile] howyousurvive
Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Season Two) - [personal profile] stealtherbat